Taylor Gratzer

Full-stack Developer & FIRST Robotics Alumni


Familiar with UI / UX practices, software design patterns, separation of concerns, and system architecture.


Strong technical acumen across a variety of software domains and languages, with a knack for quickly adapting to new technologies.


Experienced in Continuous Integration and Deployment (CI/CD), automated gated releases to Azure, and application metric monitoring.

About Me

I’m currently a software developer at CentralSquare Technologies, working to create innovative safety and justice solutions for the public sector. I have a Baccalaureate degree in software development from UCF.

Why have I been programming software, games, and robots for the past 11+ years? I absolutely love seeing a solution come together while learning to overcome new challenges.


ProcessScrum, VSTS, Build Automation
WebHTML5, CSS3, TypeScript, JavaScript, Angular, Vue
ServerAzure, Google Cloud, ASP.NET and ASP.NET core, node.js
DesktopC#, Java, Python
DataSQL (Microsoft, Oracle, MySQL), PowerBI, Firebase