Minecraft Commands Cheat Sheet


If you've ever messed around with Minecraft command blocks, you know Minecraft commands are powerful but obtuse. This site shows how the commands are written, with a quick reference format for browsing. You also get examples and deeper syntax explanations for each command available in the original Java Edition, and the Bedrock/Education Editions.

My first real foray into building a full-blown site with React, this page uses Gatsby to create a pre-rendered (SSR) progressive web app (PWA), with railroad diagrams of the commands syntax.

Learning experiences

Lighthouse score

Gatsby is a pleasure to work with. The way you can load and query data sources into a pre-rendered application, along with the ecosystem of plugins available means you can spin up a mean application really quickly.

Also, by just keeping an eye out for accessibility, a very high Lighthouse score was well within reach.

Performance is great, since the page (before interactions) is already rendered, and I made sure the single font used was requested early in the network sequence. The tree shaking Gatsby performs wasn't 100% what Chrome thinks is possible, but a few kilobytes of waste are acceptable for such an app that uses a solid caching strategy.

As the page has few inputs, accessibility came down to ensuring the headers were structured correctly, contrast ratios met WCAG standards, and the inputs I did have provided adequate context.

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